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About Monofeya
Monofeya Governorate

 (Arabic: ‏محافظة المنوفيةel-Menofeyya / el-Monofeyya) is one of the governorates of Egypt. It is located in the northern part of the country in the Nile Delta, to the south of Gharbia governorate and to the north of Cairo. The governorate is named after Menuf, an ancient city which was the capital of the governorate until 1826.

Supreme Committee for Licenses: Facilitating proceedings for businessmen and investors
The Supreme Committee for Licenses chaired by Mr Mustafa Bayoumi, the Assistant Secretary-General met to discuss the industrial, commercial and general stores of the government and business sector investment and a number of members of the Technical Secretariat of licenses to coordinate and activate the work of the Committee.
Monofeya celebrates Orphan Day

Under the auspices of HE Dr. Hisham Abdulbassit, the governor of Monofeya, the Orman Association celebrated Orphan Day in the tourist village of Venice in the city of Shebin al Kawm with the secretary-general, General Osama Farag, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Social Solidarity, Farag Soliman and Adel Dergham Director of the Orman Association.

Association for handicrafts and heritage crafts in Monofeya
Monofeya governor Dr. Hisham Abdulbassit confirmed the governorate's interest in traditional handicrafts and continuous communication with workers to support them and solve their problems.
Governor appreciates WHO, stresses the role of awareness campaigns to fight viruses

Monofeya governor Dr. Hisham Abdulbassit met Monday morning with a WHO delegation, who is visiting Monofeya to evaluate preventive medicine procedures

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