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About Monofeya
Monofeya Governorate

 (Arabic: ‏محافظة المنوفيةel-Menofeyya / el-Monofeyya) is one of the governorates of Egypt. It is located in the northern part of the country in the Nile Delta, to the south of Gharbia governorate and to the north of Cairo. The governorate is named after Menuf, an ancient city which was the capital of the governorate until 1826.

Menoufia Governor attends the celebration of the Veterans and War Victims Association and honors the families of martyrs and wounded in hostilities.
From his part, the governor of Menoufia expressed his happiness for taking part in the ceremony, explaining that honoring the families of martyrs is a duty and original right and we knew about the sacrifices made by the martyrs.
Monofiya Governor attends the celebration of Taha Shubra Village in the day of orphan child in Al-alya village.
At the end of the ceremony, gifts were distributed to 150 orphan children of Taha Shobra Village.
Menoufia governor visits one of the patients from the general staff and inspects Shibin El Kom teaching Hospital.
Menoufia Governor insisted on the need for permanent cooperation between all the executive bodies in the governorate and civil society.
Menoufia Governor honors 19 perfect mothers from the headquarter Staff
The director of the Women's Affairs department explained that the honoring included 19 ideal mothers from the staff of the public office, including 8 perfect moms, 9 female workers and 2 mother role models.
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