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Become attract more foreign direct investment need not be dispensed with, and a career advanced with special requirements, which require the presence of national institutions regional with integrated structure and appropriately to changes current, also needs to work environment is supported, and the existence of a community of experts and highly qualified and highly skilled so the government beganEgyptian decisions by a group of reform, and work to improve the business and investment climate in Egypt, through the simplification of investment procedures and make them more effective, in addition to the removal of bureaucratic barriers, liberalizing the business climate. In order to reach this goal the government began to take a series of actions directed to reform labor policies on the one hand and the institutional structure on the other hand, in order to pave the way to create a healthy investment climate, and a sophisticated business environment in Egypt.
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expand Documents required to be met from the new project Almstthmrlanchae
expand Procedures for the establishment of an industrial project in the industrial zone Quesna

·         Lead investor request on the prescribed form with the General Administration of Production Affairs (Office Investors Service) to maintain for the approval of the establishment of the industrial zone project that demonstrates the space required and the part number and the quality of the project and the costs and capital investment and employment opportunities

·         Pay serious Reservation

·         The investor will go to Bank of Alexandria to pay serious Ahadjsboaqa the 10,000 pounds per piece after attending payment receipt evidencing payment

·         Displays the request of the investor on the Board of Directors region industrial Quesna for approval of the allocation

·         The address space for do areal specifically and clarify the spatial dimensions

·         The Directorate of spatial area specifically and provide the province with this selection

·         Send a picture of the spatial identification of master / head of the local unit of and Quesna City Center Committee Chairman delivery problem resolution No. (603) so as to set a date for the receipt of

·         Gentlemen is addressed members of the Committee to attend the delivery of the local unit Quesna then go on to deliver the nature of the investor piece its own region

·         Is released minutes of the receipt stating the part number, size and dimensions signed by the investor

·         The contract is released


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