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Gov. Ibrahim directs the removal of waste in Talaat Harb Street and head of Hay Gharb was there till the end.

On his way to check out Abu Kharita factory.

Today, Gov.Abo- Limon, ordered to raise all the garbage accumulations in Talat street in Hay Gharb in Shibin al-Kom in the presence of the head of Hay Gharb until the completion of lifting all the accumulations in the street, came on his way to visit the factory Abu Map for garbage recycling where he noticed the presence of Garbage accumulations on both sides of the road.

Immediately head of Hay Gharb lifted all the garbage accumulations in the area referred to, as the governor directed the need to remove the debris of construction and remove the occupations in the area west of Shabin al-Kum in order to preserve the civilized and aesthetic appearance of the city.

Source :- M.M.Center .

Date :- 2/12/2019


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